Terms of services

Terms of use

1. By placing an advertisement, the user fully agrees to these terms of use, as well as that the submitted personal data and contact information will be stored on Geotraktors.lv in accordance with the provisions of the law.

2. The Geotraktors.lv website uses cookies which are placed on the user's computer. The Geotraktors.lv website displays advertisements from third-party companies such as Google and statistical systems, which also generate cookies. You can delete cookies in your browser at any time.

3. All personal data and confidential information is stored for the minimum necessary amounts and periods.
The number of employees who have access to this data is strictly limited; employee queries to the data are recorded.

4. Sticker rules:

What are the advantages? Why do I have to stick stickers on my equipment?
By sticking the sticker(s) on your equipment, you:
1) Receive an additional 10% discount on all future advertisements.
2) Your phone number will be displayed on your equipment
3) Your potential customers can read the QR code from the sticker and see where your equipment is on a map of Latvia at a given time.

The sticker will look like this.
uzlīmes (2000 x 500 px) (1).png 80.8 KB

How it works:

4.1 From your profile, after posting 1 ad, you will be able to order 1 free sticker by specifying the phone number that will be on the sticker and the delivery address. We will send you the sticker by Omniva or DPD. Once you receive the sticker, you will need to apply the sticker to your equipment and have it photographed. You will send us a clear picture of the sticker on your equipment from your profile to [email protected].
We will give you a 10% discount code which you can use when placing ads in the future.
The discount applies to all future adverts.
The 10% discount code only works when placing an ad from your own profile. When placing an ad from another profile, the 10% discount code will not work.
You can stick stickers not only on tractors, mini excavators etc... but also on containers, toilets, generators.
You can order free stickers and get a 10% discount code only after 1 advert placement.

Questions and answers:
a) What if I stick stickers on, take a picture, send you pictures of the machines with stickers and then rip them off? 
Your 10% discount will still be active, but you will lose your phone number that was on the stickers. Moreover, your customers will not know about geotraktors.lv and where your equipment is at the moment.
b) If my stickers come off in the future, will I be able to get them again? 
Yes, but only for a fee. You can choose the size and quantity you need.

Rules for the content of advertisements:

5. Advertisements will not be accepted ( deleted ) if:

5.1 The user does not comply with legal requirements, generally accepted standards of behaviour and ethics. The advertisement does not contain the required fields, or the information provided is incorrect or erroneous.

5.2 The content is not or only partially relevant to the selected section. 

5.4 More than one object or service is inserted. Only one item or service may be offered per advertisement, with a description and the exact price of the service or rental. 
Photographs must show one of the objects advertised in the advertisement. 

5.5 The advertisement shall offer an object or service that does not exist (in the territory of Latvia).

5.7 The price quoted in the advertisement is untrue or does not mention additional costs (excluding delivery costs). The price must be true without any additional conditions (excluding delivery costs).
Examples of irregularities:
- the price quoted does not include VAT (applies to both natural and legal persons)
- the price for renting a tractor for 1 day is given as €200, but the minimum possible rental period starts from 2 days.

5.8 The use of photographs is not allowed:
- low quality, when the condition of the object is not visible.
- general plan, when the object is visible among other objects and does not dominate the image.
- photos that are not consistent with the offer described in the text of the advertisement. Photographs should show only the equipment described in the text of the advertisement. The photographs must be real and not taken from catalogues or found on the Internet.
- Photographs should not be too brightly coloured, unnatural or otherwise too prominent to attract attention in the overall listing.
- containing captions or elements that obstruct viewing and alter the natural aesthetic appearance of the image.

5.9 The Service Description contains the words Sale, Sale, Special Offer, Best Price, Super Offer, Attention, New and other marketing slogans which are intended to attract the attention of users and to highlight the Advertisement in the overall listing. Also, the first line of the ad contains information that is not related to the product description, such as the company name, address, etc.

5.10 The advertisement infringes copyright or trademark rights.

5.11 The advertisement is in a language other than Latvian, Russian or English; contains text in Russian but written in Latin characters. Contains numerous errors in the text.

5.12 Requires full or partial prepayment for the service offered.

5.13 The advertisement is intended to obtain information about the user.

5.14 Advertisements about which several complaints are received.

5.15 Internet links containing references to other classified ad services are not accepted for publication.

5.16 Contains links to resources that do not serve visitors properly, open pop-up windows, play sound accompaniments or perform other malicious acts against visitors or information systems; contains offers of goods or services that are prohibited to be placed in Geotraktors.lv advertisements.
For example:
- An advertisement contains a link to a website that offers smoking devices, even if the advertisement does not mention information about these devices.
- Clicking on the link opens a page with an invitation to register or fill in a questionnaire or survey.
- Clicking on a link opens a completely different page than the one in the advert (redirect) or opens an additional page (PopUp or PopUnder).

5.17 Contains a website link that is not related to the content of the advert. Also if the link leads to a site with outdated content, contains too little information or is of very poor quality, or is overloaded with web counters, advertising blocks, links to other sites.

5.18 Content contains emotionally charged text, exclamations, appeals, slogans, declarations and staging questions, as well as text and keywords unrelated to the subject of the advertisement. The use of exclamation marks, question marks or other symbols to attract attention is prohibited. The text of the advertisement must be informative only.

5.19 The service offered has no value (demand) or the content of the advertisement is absurd.

6. How to earn with Geotraktors?

6.1 By attracting new customers with your unique affiliate link, you will earn 5% of the replenishment amount or the price of the embedded ad for each customer you attract.
Example 1: Your referred customer transferred 100€ to it's balance to pay for ads, then from this 100€ you will get 5€ in your Geotraktor account.
Example 2: Your referred customer placed a 1st advert for 20€, then from this 20€ you will get 1€ in your Geotracker account. 
IMPORTANT: From now on, you will continue to earn this 5% of the placement price of each placed ad by this referred customer or of the Balance Replenishment amount. The money you earn will be added to your balance and you can transfer it to your bank account at any time, but not less than €20.

a) Create your profile (Sign up: button)
b) In your profile, go to "Invite a new customer"
c) Send your unique referral link to potential new customers
d) Follow the actions of your invited clients under "My Clients" to see your earned interest
e) Transfer your profits to your bank account.
If you are an individual: ''Geotraktors'' LLC is not liable for any unpaid taxes and therefore we advise you to register in the National Tax Office as an economic operator in order to pay your taxes.

7. Rules for posting free advertisements:

Inviting 5 new users through your unique link will get you 3 FREE ads for 2 months.

What do your invited users have to do?

a) Register through your unique link
b) The user through your link has a 50% discount on the 1st ad. The user must publish 1 ad
c) As soon as each of the 5 invited users posts 1 advert, you will receive 3 free adverts for 2 months

In your profile you can follow the actions of your invited customers in the ''Invitations'' section.

8. Rules of Procedure:

8.1 It is possible to change or correct the information after the advertisement has been submitted.

8.2 In case of violation or non-observance of the terms of use of the classifieds service Geotraktors.lv, the administrator is obliged to delete the classified.
The User shall be refunded the amount for full days of publication of the unused advertisement to the Geotraktors.lv account.
In case of repeated violation of the rules, the user may be restricted access to the Geotraktors.lv service.

8.3 A user, company, association or group of persons submitting advertisements for common interest is allowed to register no more than one user profile.

8.4 The advertisement will be published no later than within one hour from the moment of receipt of payment. The duration of the advert placement is chosen by the user (minimum duration 1 month, maximum duration 12 months).

8.5 The price for placing an advertisement depends on the selected section of the portal, the duration of the advertisement and the number of advertisements. Prices can be found in the section.
All prices quoted by Geotraktors.lv for the advertisement service include Latvian VAT (21%). The publication of advertisements is a service to be provided in the territory of Latvia, therefore the payment of VAT 21% is obligatory, including for non-residents of Latvia.

8.6 All prices for services or rental of equipment on these pages are quoted exclusive of delivery costs, as the service provider does not know your location.

9. Liability of the parties:

9.1 If the Geotraktors.lv website is temporarily unavailable, the publication period of the advertisements shall be extended in accordance with this period. This provision shall not apply in the event that the Site is unavailable on a part of the Internet managed by Internet service providers who have no contractual relationship with Geotraktors.lv.

9.2 In cases when the advertisement violates the site rules, contains violations of the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, copyright, trademark rights, as well as in case of damage or inconvenience to third parties, the user (advertiser) assumes full financial responsibility for the content of the advertisement, both before the site and third parties.

9.3 Geotraktors.lv shall not be held liable for the content of advertisements, as well as for any damages and inconveniences related to the operation or unavailability of the portal, except for the provisions of paragraph 3.

9.4 If the business operator violates the terms of use of the Geotraktors.lv classified ad service, a warning shall be issued for the first violation, and the classified ad shall be deleted. The user shall be refunded the amount for the full days of publication of the unused advertisement to the Geotraktors.lv account. The fee for checking and deleting incorrect ads is 1.99 € per ad. 
    In case of a second offence within one year, the administration of the classifieds service Geotraktors.lv has the right to impose a ban on publishing classifieds for up to one year. If the advertiser continues to use another user's account to post advertisements after the ban has been imposed, or similarly attempts to evade the imposed ban, the advertisement will not be published (will be deleted) and Geotraktors.lv will not be liable for any damage caused to third parties by the advertiser in this way.

9.5 Geotraktors.lv Ltd has access to personal data provided by commercial users or consumers in order to use the services of the ad service Geotraktors.lv. SIA Geotraktors.lv does not share or disclose personal data to third parties. The purposes and terms of personal data processing are included in the Privacy Policy.

9.6 SIA Geotraktors.lv has the right to publish our legal clients in the "Our Clients" section without prior agreement with them.

10. Changes to terms and conditions:

10.1 The terms and conditions of use of the Classified Ad Service Geotraktors.lv may be changed, supplemented or amended and shall come into force from the moment they are published on the Site.

10.2 Commercial Users shall be notified 15 days in advance of any amendments to the Terms of Use and such amendments shall become effective 15 days from the date of notification to Commercial Users (including on Geotraktors.lv). In cases where Commercial Users need to make technical or commercial adjustments in order to comply with the amended Terms, the effective date may be longer than 15 days and shall be stated in the amended Terms.

10.3 The relevant Commercial User shall have the right to terminate the contract with the Online Mediation Service Provider before the expiry of the 15-day effective period of the amendment. The termination of the contract shall take effect within 15 days after the commercial user has notified the Geotraktors.lv website operator thereof.

10.4 Commercial Users have the right to waive the notice period by providing Geotraktors.lv with a written notice or an expressly affirmative action by notifying the Geotraktors.lv maintainer.

11. Refund/non-refund policy.

11.1 After paying for the service - top up your geotraktors.lv profile, i.e. depositing money into your profile, you can use your profile balance to place ads on geotraktors.lv.

11.2 If the money in the profile balance is not fully or partially spent on ads for an unlimited period of time, the money will not be refunded to the bank account.
Date of publication: 05.01.2023
Date of entry into force: 05.01.2023

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